A responsible commitment

Beautful roots and strong values

Nature and mountains are in our DNA

In the autumn of 1983 Grand Angle was born in the National Park Vercors in France and 2019 Kélifos was born in a small village nestled in between the ocean and the mountains on Corfu. Brought up from the same roots and values these two agencies share the same philosophy and passion for their work.

A travel agency in Corfu, a true warrioir!

Faced against large travel agencies on the island, Kélifos has chosen a location close to the ground and a daily life punctuated by life between the village, the sea and the countryside. 

Individuals and beliefs

Working in Greece is a lifestyle choice. Kélifos employees have chosen to build their lives in a natural setting, in a region with strong environmental and human values.

Involvement in local life

In its very location, Kélifos participates and supports many initiatives in the village of Liapades. Each member of the team lives the convictions and values that he or she defends in his or her work on daily basis, in a personal capacity. Engagement within social or sports associations, voluntary work, participation in major events...: the list is far from being complete!