Travel insurance

Our wish: that your travel insurance is useless, because you did not need it!
But as life has its unexpected twists and turns, we have negotiated contracts that are tailored to the specifics of our travels with Assurinco, which specializes in travel insurance.
A part of the services provided by Grand Angle!

What are travel insurances?

Before the trip, from the reservation until your departure: trip cancellation insurance.

Like all travel agencies, Grand Angle has cancellation conditions, which are listed in detail in our conditions of sale. If you cancel your trip, Grand Angle will only reimburse you partially. Cancellation insurance will reimburse you the sums retained by Grand Angle. Please note that certain conditions apply.

During the trip, up until your return: repatriation insurance, search and rescue insurance, curtailment and trip interruption, liability insurance.

  • Repatriation insurance helps you in the event of an accident from the place of first aid (doctor or hospital) until you return home; it also takes effect if an injuired relatives requires your presence.
  • The search and rescue iunsurance covers costs from the scene of the accident.
  • The interruption of stay insurance will partially reimburse you for your interrupted trip in case of medical repatriation.
  • Your liability insurance will cover you if you unintentionally cause damage to others..

Obligation to take out insurances

At Grand Angle, safety is one of our priorities. However, we do not impose taking out any insurance with us on you. We only require that everyone is covered for repatriation assistance, as it is a basic security measure. You can choose between the well-adapted Grand Angle insurances offered by Assurinco or your own personal insurances. In this case, we kindly ask you to send us your references: this is an opportunity for you to take out your insurance, remember your references and call number, and check the benefits.

At Grand Angle you have the choice

Grand Angle offers you 4 contrats with Assurinco, thus allowing you to take out the insurance which suits you the best and keeps you from spending more than neccessary.

Please note that these contracts are a guarantee for the residents of Western Europe and Overseas France and in some cases, only French residents. Check out to the definition of the Insured in the summary of the contract. In other cases, Grand Angle can offer you a multi-risk contract. Please contact us directly for more information.

  • Cancellation + interruption of stay insurance in case of medical repatriation: 2.7% of the price of the trip.
  • Repatriation assistance + search and rescue costs: 1.2% of the price of the trip.
  • Multi-risk: cancellation insurance + interruption of stay + repatriation assistance + search and rescue costs + civil liability abroad + luggage + individual accident + flight, boat or train delay + missed departure: 3.6% of the price of the trip.
  • Complementary credit card insurance: the same as the comprehensive insurance, but in addition to your credit card guarantee offering "cancellation" and "repatriation assistance" cover (Gold Mastercard, Visa Premier, Infinité Platinium, American Express): 2.7% of the price of the trip.

Consult the summary of our travel insurance contracts, which lists in detail the cover and the terms and conditions of coverage in each case.
Grand Angle acts as an intermediary between you and Assurinco: from the moment you take out the cancellation insurance policy, Assurinco is your direct contact person.

The entire Grand Angle team remains at your disposal to help you in your choice and then in your dealings with Assurinco.

More details on the insurances.