Booking Instructions !

How do I register ?

For a guided trip

- Go to the page of the guided trip of your choice.
- The departure of each guided trip is at a fixed date. Choose the date that suits you then click on  " Book or set an option  " to the right of it.
- Follow the four steps of the registration.

For a self-guided trip

- Go to the page of the self-guided trip of your choice.
- The departure for each self-guided trip is over a given period (excluding trips by bike and boat), choose the period that suits you then click on "Book" to the right of it.
- Follow the four registration steps.

On a tailor-made trip

In the case of a tailor-made trip: your Kélifos expert will send you a registration link, which will allow you to book your trip directly.


Payment settlement

For registration more than 30 days before departure
► Deposit on registration then balance 30 days before departure (30% of the amount of the stay + the amount of insurance + registration fees)

For registration 30 days or less before departure
► Payment of the entire trip

N.B .:
- Tailor-made trips: some may have different sales conditions.
- "Dry" flight: always to be paid in full when booking.

Registration and payment procedures

- Bank card
- Bank check
- holiday vouchers (accepted for all trips to France and the European Union)
- bank transfer
- cash

Pay by bank check or holiday vouchers:
- Send your payment by mail to our address.

Pay by bank transfer:

  • IBANGR34 0172 4500 0054 5009 9103 934

- Send the transfer notice by e-mail to

Pay by cash:
- Go directly to the agency, our team will be delighted to welcome you.

By telephone
You can also book by phone, your advisor will record your registration. Only bring your bank card (secure remote payment).

At the agency
Our team welcomes you and advises you about your travel choices. All payment methods are accepted at the agency.

N.B.: In the case of payment other than the bank card: your reservation will be treated as an option until receipt of your payment (for guided trips).

And after that?

I have booked a guided trip

1. Your booking is registered; you receive a confirmation
If there are flights, confirmation of your registration may be linked to a reconfirmation on our part.
For any special request (single room, plane ticket, departure from the provinces, etc.): we will get back to you quickly to validate it or make you a price proposal.

2. A few days later, you will receive your travel invoice.

3. You will automatically receive a confirmation email as soon as the trip is insured (secured, definite)

4. 30 days before departure, you pay the balance of your trip.

5. After payment of the balance, and approximately 15 days before departure: you will receive a notice specifying the date, time and place of the meeting, the contact details of the guide, the emergency telephone, any plane tickets, etc.

If by bad luck, Kélifos cancels the trip: you are notified at the latest 21 days before departure. You can choose between a change of dates, destination, or outright reimbursement.

I have booked a self-guided trip

1. Your booking is registered; you receive an acknowledgment of receipt (confirmation). Your file is immediately taken care of and processed.
Within 2 to 3 working days, the person who will follow your file to the end will contact you to confirm the reservation or suggest any necessary changes (dates, itinerary, etc.). In the latter case, you are free to accept or not. If you refuse, the reservation is canceled and Kélifos refunds the sums paid. Otherwise, your reservation is confirmed.

2. You receive your invoice a few days later.

3. 30 days before departure, you pay the balance of your trip.

4. Between 30 and 15 days before departure, and after payment of the balance, you will receive your travel file, with the necessary information and documents. Sometimes, part of the technical documents must be collected when you arrive on site.
Upon receipt, check your documents; come back to us for any questions/clarifications required.

I have booked a tailor-made trip

Depending on whether it is guided or self-guided, see the explanations above.

You like a trip and you want to privatize it, make some changes in duration, program, etc ...: we are here to answer your request.
More details on our tailor-made trips.