Terms Of Sale

Kélifos defines its terms and conditions according to the specifics of its trips. Any purchase of a trip implies their acceptance. In the event of any contradiction between the terms and conditions listed in the brochure and those on the website www.kelifos.travel (hereinafter, the "website"), the latter will prevail.
We inform you that the trips offered by Kélifos are considered as packaged holidays, within the meaning of the regulations, as "packaged", and that as such, you benefit in particular from the rights set out in article 12 below.

1 / Our travel offers
From our Website, we provide you with detailed information on the nature and specifics of each trip. You will be able to view the program day by day, get practical information on the destination and read all the information useful for its realization (level of physical involvement, minimum number of participants.).
A "Prices" section will allow you to have an indication of the price of the trip on the considered travel dates.
In the event of a contradiction between the travel information contained in our offer (brochure, partner websites other than www.kelifos.travel, etc.) and that appears on the trip description available from Kélifos or on its website, these last will prevail.
Please note that we offer tours that may require physical implication. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the information regarding the level of physical engagement required to undertake the planned trip. It is the responsibility of each participant to determine, based on the information provided, whether they have the sufficient capabilities.
In case of a doubt and before any registration, we invite you to contact Kélifos or any specialist (eg: sports doctor) in order to validate your ability to undertake the planned trip.
Our trips include guided or self-guided tours for groups or families and tailor-made trips, according to your wishes, with the help of one of our travel experts.

1.1. Self-guided trips
A self-guided trip allows you to travel without a guide and without worrying about organization or logistics. We offer an itinerary for which we book your accommodation, luggage transfers and other services depending on the options, and you receive the necessary documents for the completion of your trip. For some trips, a minimum of two adults may be required.

1.2. Guided trips
1.2.1 Group size

Guided trips allow you to travel in a small group with a guide. The maximum group size for each trip is indicated in the trip description. However, the maximum number may be exceeded by one participant in the event that the last person who registers wishes to travel with another person. The services will not be modified, and the travel conditions will be identical.

1.2.2 Authority of guides and instructors
The supervisory staff chosen by Kélifos and its partners (mountain guides, ski instructor, bike instructor, etc.) to guide and lead any group of travellers is the sole judge during the trip and may modify the program provided to ensure the participants safety or to deal with unforeseen circumstances and to ensure the smooth running of the trip. The guide may also suspend and / or interrupt the journey of one or more participants for safety reasons. An alternative to the trip will be offered to the traveller(s) concerned, who will assume any additional costs. Depending on the weather conditions, the condition of the terrain and the physical condition of the travellers, Kélifos or the guide may be required to offer travellers an alternative program and / or the presence of an additional guide. Additional costs will be borne by travellers. Interruption of travel on the initiative of any traveller may not give rise to any refund.

1.3. Tailor-made trips
You have the possibility of creating a personalized trip with the help of one of our travel experts whether this might be a self-guided or a guided trip, based on an existing trip or not. You just need to request a quote from the agency, by phone, email (info@kelifos.travel) and / or through our website.

1.4. Family trips
Kélifos offers guided tours specially designed for families; these circuits are only offered to participants who travel with at least one minor child. Kélifos also offers trips intended for families.

2 / Registration and payment
2.1. Registration

You can register for our trips directly on our website or by phone, email (info@kelifos.travel)
Your registration is final from the moment you make your order on the website or by phone, or from the reception of the registration form (RF) completed, dated and signed, and, in all cases, from the payment of the price of the trip according to the terms of article 2.2., depending on the date of departure.
We inform you that the person making the registration in the name and on behalf of all the participants in the trip undertakes to transmit to each traveller all the information provided by Kélifos.

2.2. Payment terms
For any registration made more than 30 days from the date of departure, Kélifos will demand a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the trip.
The balance of the trip price must be paid, without any reminder from us and be cashed by Kélifos at the latest 30 days before the departure date.
Any delay in the payment of a deposit and / or the balance will be considered as a cancellation by you for which the cancellation fees referred to in article 5 below will apply.
For any registration within 30 days of the departure date: you must pay the total amount of the trip.
In the special case of cruise trips and / or with boat accommodation:
- registration more than 90 days before departure: payment of 30% of the amount of the trip
- between 90 and 46 days: payment of 60% of the amount of the trip
- 45 days or less: full payment of the trip.
- Full payment of the trip 45 days before departure.
You can pay for your trip by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard only, Amex not accepted)
If the trip purchased is fully booked and / or unavailable, Kélifos will reimburse the entire amount paid, as soon as possible and without deduction of any amount.

2.3. Invoice
For any payment, the amount of which is validated and cashed by Kélifos, a confirmation of registration and an invoice will be sent to the person signing the registration form, no later than 15 days following any collection.

3 / Travel information
3.1. Administrative and health formalities

Before registering for your trip, you must verify that each traveller, depending on their personal situation and nationality, is in possession of a valid passport, document which will be used to carry out the planned trip as well as all other document (s) / supporting documents (visa/authorization to leave the country, etc.) necessary and in accordance with the requirements required to transit and/or enter the country (ies) of the trip.
Kélifos provides information relating to formalities upon request.
For the organization of your trip, we inform you that certain providers (in particular, customs authorities, airlines, etc.) require the transmission of some of your personal data in order to fill out forms and / or requirements relating to their reservation and / or control system.
Thus, we may be obliged to communicate the following data to these providers:
•    your names, first name(s), date of birth and gender which is noted on the passport that you will use for your trip and to fill out the transit or entry authorizations (visa, etc.), 
•    data relating to a need for assistance (children, pregnant women, disabled people) or others.
Please note that you have to fill out administrative forms with the same information that was sent to Kélifos, namely, surname, first name (s), date of birth and sex. By failing to comply with this procedure, you run the risk of being denied the entry to the destination (transit or final destination).
A traveller, who could not use the transport tickets made available to him, failing to present the required police, customs and / or health documents, can not claim any reimbursement of the price of his trip. Kélifos cannot, in any case, be held responsible for the consequences of the traveller's non-compliance with police, customs or health regulations before or during the trip (for example the loss of ID, passport, etc.).

3.2. Information on safety and health risks
Kélifos advises you to liaise with your country’s authorities before your departure, on the risks of the country(ies) of your trip and the recommendations available on the websiteWorld Health Organization.

3.3. Physical ability/accessibility
Each traveller must ensure that his physical condition is suitable for the planned trip. Kélifos cannot be held responsible in the event of physical insufficiency revealed during the trip. Kélifos reserves the right not to accept any participant who does not meet the prerequisites of competence expected and specified in the trip description and could be led to refuse that a participant continues his journey if this proves dangerous, both for him or her and for the other members of the group. The participant is not able to contest the decision made by Kélifos and request any compensation or reimbursement in this respect.
Our trips are likely to welcome minor children accompanied by an adult, provided that their age and physical ability make it possible to carry out the tour under normal conditions.
Our trips require a more or less important physical involvement according to the required sport level and are therefore not adaptable and/or accessible to everyone. Please contact us for more information on the accessibility of our trips and for any assistance request, particularly at the airport and/or during journeys.

3.4. Minors
Applications for minors under 18 years of age who wish to travel unaccompanied by their parents or guardians, subject to prior approval by Kélifos, must be signed by the parent or legal guardian and marked "parent or guardian approval".
Additional authorizations and other administrative documents may be required by your country of origin. In any case, the minor traveller must also have the contact information (name, address and telephone numbers) of his or her parents or legal guardians at all times during the trip in order to establish direct contact with them.

4 / Modifications / Interruption of services requested by the traveller
4.1. Transport services

After booking the trip, any modification relating to the ticket and in particular to the surname / first name of the traveller (s) is likely to entail additional costs and / or fees, the amount of which must be paid by the traveller (s) to Kélifos before departure. Kélifos will invoice, per person, the actual costs and 50 € of service fees.

4.2. Other services
After registering for the trip and before the departure date, the costs incurred by any request for modification, such as:
additions or withdrawals of travel services,
modification of the departure date,
will be charged to travellers and to be paid by any means to Kélifos. Any modification will entail a minimum of 50 € of costs per booked trip. In the absence of payment, Kélifos cannot be held to make the desired modifications.
From the date of departure, any request for modification and / or non-execution of all or part of the travel services will not give rise to any reimbursement of the initial services. Any new service requested during the trip will have to be paid in advance to Kélifos or designated service providers.

4.3. Assignment of the contract
You have the option of assigning your contract to an assignee(buyer) who fulfils the same conditions as you for the journey as long as the contract has no effect. You are required to inform Kélifos of your decision by any written means allowing an acknowledgment of receipt and no later than seven days before the start of the trip. In the event of a contract assignment, the assignor and / or the assignee are required to pay the costs resulting from the assignment, which will be communicated to you by your advisor.

5 / Cancellation conditions and costs / Resolution
5.1. Cancellation by the traveller

If you are obliged to cancel your trip before it begins (departure date), you must inform
Kélifos and the insurer by any written means allowing an acknowledgment of receipt, upon the occurrence of the event giving rise to this cancellation. The date of receipt of the writing will be used as the cancellation date for billing the cancellation costs.
The insurance fees, registration fees, visa and passport fees, part of the air taxes are not refundable, neither by Kélifos, nor by the insurer.
When several travellers are registered on the same order and one of them cancels his trip, the cancellation fees are deducted from the sums collected by Kélifos, regardless of the author of the payment.
In the event of cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, the costs external to the trip subscribed with Kélifos and incurred by the traveller (s) such as transport costs to the place of departure of the trip and return to the home, costs obtaining visas, travel documents, vaccination costs, cannot be reimbursed.

5.1.1 Cancellation by the traveller for all trips, except tailor-made / privatized trips, cruises, and trips only including flights
In case of cancellation of your trip, the cancellation/resolution costs below will be charged:
•    More than 60 days before departure: 25% of the total price
•    From 60 to 31 days: 35% of the total price
•    From 30 to 21 days before departure: 40% of the total price
•    From 20 to 14 days before departure: 55% of the total price
•    From 13 to 7 days before departure: 70% of the total price
•    From 6 to 2 days before depatyure: 75 % of the total price
•    Less than 2 days before departure or no show on departure: 95% of the total price
In the case of a group registration, your cancellation may result in cost modifications (room only supplement, for example) to the person (s) who remain (s). These modification costs are your responsibility, in addition to the costs indicated above.
Special cases of air costs, regardless of the date of cancellation or modification of contract: these costs are added to the above scale: if your plane ticket must be issued well in advance, often to spare you significant supplements, 100% of the non-refundable costs in the event of cancellation or modification of your flight plan will be invoiced to you. In this case, the above scale only applies to the price of the trip without the flight.
In the case of "self-guided" trips: if the trip is for only 2 people, the cancellation of one of the people may lead to the automatic cancellation of the second person for security reasons.

5.1.2 Cancellation by the traveller for tailor-made / privatized trips
If one or more travellers registered on a privatized / tailor-made trip cancel their participation in a trip maintained for the other participants, it will be billed for the person (s) who cancels (s):
•    The cancellation costs referred to in article 5.1.1 above, unless otherwise specified in the contract, as well as
•    The fees and / or various costs incurred by Kélifos to allow the continuation of the trip subscribed at the same price for participants already registered and who maintain their participation in the trip. In any event, the price of a privatized and / or tailor-made trip is set according to a determined number of participants and the services required to complete the trip. The cancellation of one or more participants, therefore, has a direct impact on the travel price of all participants remaining registered. These additional costs are to be borne by the participant (s) who cancels their participation in the trip.

5.1.3 Cancellation by the traveller for all cruise trips and / or with accommodation on a boat
In case of cancellation of your trip, the following cancellation/resolution costs will be charged:
•    More than 91 days before departure: 25% of the total price
•    90 to 42 days: 55% of the total price
•    From 41 to 30 days: 75% of the total price
•    From 29 to 15 days before departure: 90% of the total price
•    From 14 days before departure or no show on departure: 100% of the total price
Special cases of air costs, regardless of the date of cancellation or modification of contract: these costs are added to the above scale: if your plane ticket must be issued well in advance, often to spare you significant supplements, 100% of the non-refundable costs in the event of cancellation or modification of your flight plan will be invoiced to you. In this case, the above scale only applies to the price of the trip without the flight.

5.1.4 Cancellation by the traveller for trips only including flights
The airline cancellation policies apply.

5.1.5 Special cases
Some trips may have different cancellation conditions. You will then find them mentioned in the trip description. These are the ones that will apply should you cancel the trip.

5.2. Cancellation by Kélifos

5.2.1. Cancellation due to insufficient number of participants
We may be forced to cancel the departure if the minimum number of participants required is not reached. This decision will be communicated to you at the latest:
•    20 days before the start of the trip or stay in the case of trips whose duration exceeds 6 days
•    7 days before the start of the trip or stay in the case of trips whose duration is 2 to 6 days
•    48 hours before the start of the trip or stay in the case of trips lasting no more than 2 days
An alternative solution may be offered to you. In the event that the alternatives offered do not suit you, your payments will be returned to you in full, without other compensation. All costs incurred by you are your responsibility (hotel, equipment necessary for the trip).

5.2.2. Causes of cancellation linked to a local situation of risk (political, health, natural disaster) may also occur in which case the terms of article 9 of these conditions will be applied.

6 / Conditions of transport

6.1. Identity of the carrier
The identity of the carrier (s) likely to provide transportation during your trip will be communicated to you. In the event of a modification occurring after your registration, Kélifos undertakes to communicate to you by any means, as soon as it becomes aware of it, any changes in the identity of the carrier (s), in particular air carriers. In accordance with our obligation, we inform you that the European list of prohibited airlines can be consulted on this site.

6.2. Change of transport schedules
For air transport, we inform you that flight times may vary until the start of the trip, depending on the traffic authorizations given by the competent authorities to the companies. We will communicate the timetables to you as soon as they are confirmed by the transporter.
Stopover times are generally determined by the airlines, according to their flight plans; they can be modified, without this being a reason for cancellation at no cost.
Any flight can take place at any time of the scheduled day and may involve arriving at the airport a few hours before the start of that day and a maximum of 3 hours before.

6.3. Change of itinerary, station, port and/or airport
Any transporter may have to modify without notice not only the timetables but also the itinerary as well as the stations, ports and / or airports of departure and destination, in particular due to technical, climatic or political incidents outside Kélifos or strikes outside Kélifos. These events may cause delays, cancellations, or additional stops, change of aircraft, route. In the case of air transport, the traveller holding a boarding pass remains under the protection and assistance of the airline.

6.4. Failure to provide the transport service
In the event of non-execution of the transport service reserved by the traveller, for any reason outside Kélifos, the outward and / or return transport ticket will be cancelled by the carrier. The traveller must then, to be able to make the trip, buy one or more tickets at his expense. For air transport tickets, the boarding taxes for unused tickets are reimbursed on request.

6.5. Delay / Cancellation of transport services
In the event of delay in transport at the start or at the return of the trip and / or damage or loss of luggage, denied boarding, and / or cancellation of flight by the company, we recommend to the traveller, to allow him to assert his rights, to keep all the original documents (tickets, boarding passes, or luggage tag ...) and to request from the carrier any written proof.
In the event that the participant (s) decides (s) to renounce the trip due to the occurrence of the above-mentioned modifications while they do not affect one of the essential elements of the trip, he / they will be billed the cancellation / resolution costs referred to in article 5.1 above.

6.6. baggage
The airline is solely responsible for damage, theft, loss or delay of the luggage entrusted to it. It is with this carrier that you must declare the claim at the latter's counter at the airport and in writing as soon as possible. International conventions define the time limits for formal objections and the compensation due by the air carrier in the event of late delivery or damage to luggage.
Each traveller is required to always keep his fragile and precious personal belongings with him (under his responsibility) (glasses, electronic devices, documents, etc.) and must ensure that his luggage is present when arranging transfers.

7 / Special terms of our trips

7.1. Routing before departure and on return from the trip
For each traveller who organizes his services alone before departure (transport, hotel, etc.) up to the place of commencement of the journey and to his home on return from the journey, Kélifos recommends purchasing services (tickets and other, etc.) that are changeable and / or reimbursable and provide for reasonable transfer times between airports / ports / stations.
In the event of an unforeseeable or inevitable fact of a third party or the fact of the traveller, which would modify the travel services subscribed with Kélifos and / or would involve the modification of the services reserved by the traveller (s) (not included in your trip), Kélifos cannot be held responsible for reimbursing the costs incurred.

7.2. Animals
Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring any animals on our trips, unless specified and explicit agreement between the client and Kélifos (some self-guided trips might allow it). Failure to comply with this policy would mean cancellation of the trip without a refund.

8 / Financial terms

8.1. Price
The prices applicable on the day of registration are those accessible on the site for a trip, or those of a valid quote for any other personalized trip. They are valid from the start of the trip to the last day of the trip. The services included and not included during the stay are specified in the trip description, available at any time on the site or on request.

8.2. Registration and administrative fees
For any registration, a fee of € 17 per person aged 10 and over will be charged.
For any registration for a self-guided stay within 15 days of departure, an additional fee of € 40 per booked trip will be charged

8.3. Price review procedures
The price of the trip is firm, final and in euros. However, up to 20 days before departure, Kélifos may make price adjustments upward or downward, as long as they are not significant.
•    The price of passenger transport resulting from the cost of fuel or other sources of energy
•    The price of taxes or fees on travel services included in the contract, imposed by a third party who is not directly involved in the execution of the contract, including tourist taxes, landing or boarding taxes and disembarkation at ports and airports
•    Exchange rates related to the contract: the change in the cost of foreign currency will only apply to the amount of foreign currency used to calculate the price of the trip
Kélifos will then invoice the entire additional cost to the customer. Refusal to pay this price adjustment will be considered a cancellation by the traveller for which article 5.1 will apply.

9 / Liability

9.1. Liability insurance
In accordance with professional regulations, Kélifos is insured for professional civil liability with Ydrogios (https://www.ydrogios.gr), 254-258 Syngrou Ave., 17672 Kallithea, Athens Attica, Greece.

9.2. Risks
Each participant is aware that he can run certain risks inherent in the practice of hiking or other activities, in particular the distance from medical centres such as hospitals. He assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to cause Kélifos and the various service providers to bear responsibility for accidents that may occur as a result of these risks. This also applies to the beneficiaries and any member of the family of any participant. Kélifos cannot be held responsible for an accident due to individual carelessness, a personal itinerary error or a voluntary interruption during the course of the trip (in particular for weather reasons).

9.3. Responsibility of Kélifos
Kélifos cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the following events:
•    loss or theft of transport tickets by the traveller(s).
•    transport journey, particularly air travel. No reimbursement of the transport ticket will be due by Kélifos in this case.
•    unpredictable or unavoidable events of a third party such as: wars, political unrest, strikes, technical or administrative incidents, congestion of air space, bad weather, delays (including mail forwarding services, etc.), breakdowns, loss or theft of luggage or other personal belongings of travellers.
•    cancellation imposed by exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, and / or for reasons related to the maintenance of passenger safety, and / or injunction from an administrative authority: in this case, Kélifos reserves the right to modify the dates, the schedules or itineraries provided to ensure the safety of travellers, without possible recourse from them.
The person who registers in the name and on behalf of the participants in the trip undertakes to transfer to each traveller the information provided by Kélifos concerning the trip so that Kélifos cannot be held responsible for any defect or omission in the communication of this information.
In the event of Kélifos' liability being brought into play due to the actions of the service providers, the compensation limits provided for international conventions will be applied. Except in the event of bodily injury, Kélifos' maximum financial responsibility will be equal to three times the total price of the trip.

10 / Complaints

10.1. During the trip
We invite you to contact Kélifos if you find any non-compliance in the provision of services for your trip, by calling Kélifos or by dialling our emergency number outside opening hours. The emergency number is communicated to you on the documents provided by Kélifos; it is also indicated on Kélifos' telephone message outside office opening hours. In the event of a complaint, account will be taken, where applicable, of your failure to report any non-compliance in the provision of services during your trip, since it could have financial consequences.

10.2. After your trip
Any complaint must be sent to Kélifos, by any written means allowing an acknowledgment of receipt as soon as possible after the return date, accompanied by supporting documents, to the following address: Kélifos Kélifos - Plateia Liapadon Liapades, 490 83 Corfu, Greece or info@kelifos.travel

11 / Use and protection of personal data

The information you transmit to us is recorded in a computerized file by Kélifos KELIFOS MONOPROSOPI  I.K.E , whose head office is located at Plateia Liapadon Liapades, 490 83 Corfu, Greece, in its capacity as controller. Certain information must be provided to Kélifos when you request a travel subscription and then its completion; they are visibly marked with an asterisk. Failure to provide them means that your requests cannot be processed. The other information requested is optional. The processing of your personal data is necessary to allow us to offer you the services of a contract for the purpose of making a trip. The personal information collected is used to allow you to access all the information concerning your travel requests or your trips, the execution of your requests (registration, provision of travel services), to offer you similar services or offers likely to interest you, produce statistics, subscribe to your request for newsletters and communicate with your agreement information relating to Kélifos and its partners (news, products and services, commercial prospecting and personalized offers). We would like to inform you that to allow the execution of your order for travel services, your data will be communicated to the suppliers of the reserved services (hotels, carriers, etc.) or to technical providers (IT, accommodation, distribution of emails, online payment provider, etc.), which may be located outside the European Union. Our partners agree to use your personal data only to perform certain tasks essential to the completion of your trip, in strict compliance with your rights in terms of protection of personal data and in accordance with current legislation. Kélifos undertakes not to transfer or sell personal data concerning you to non-partner third parties.
Your data is kept for the time of our contractual relationship and for the duration necessary to meet a legal or regulatory obligation. In the absence of contact from you for a period of five years, your personal data will be archived for an additional five years before their final deletion or anonymization. You have the right to access to object (in particular to sending of marketing communications), to rectify, to limit and delete any personal data concerning you. You also have the right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data after your death. These rights are exercised by email at info@kelifos.travel.

12 / Rights of the traveller

The combination of travel services offered to you is a package holiday within the paragraphs of Directive (EU) 2015/2302.
You will, therefore, benefit from all the rights granted by the European Union applicable to the package holidays.
Kélifos will be fully responsible for the proper execution of the package.
In addition, as required by law, Kélifos has the protection to reimburse your payments and, if the transport is included in the package, to ensure your repatriation in the event that it becomes insolvent.