A selection of authentic treks

A carefully selected variety of trails

Kélifos is above all a team of passionate craftsmen. We know Greece because we live here, we work here and we travel around this wonderful country with an unceasing enthusiasm. The choice of our destinations and the trips we offer are shaped by our perfect knowledge of the landscapes, the trails and the cities.

Classic or exclusive

Kélifos offers a wide variety of trips and you will find classic or unavoidable "must-see" destinations, such as Crete or Santorini and the Cyclades. But for those who like to wander off the beaten path and experience the authentic and raw beauty of Greece we offer unique trips, such as hikes on the island of Cythera.
Each year, Kélifos is proud to intorduce new and extraordinary journeys, the fruit of its love for Greece.

Producer of the trips

Kélifos is the creator and producer of almost all of his trips.
And if Kélifos does not organize the trips itself, we choose a partner who works in the same way and with the same professionalism and enthusiasm as we do.

Nature, sport, culture and conviviality, that's the magic of Kélifos!

« Sea, soft autumn, islands bathed in light, a diaphanous veil of light rain that covered the immortal nudity of Greece. Happy, I thought, the man to whom it was given, before dying, to sail in the Aegean sea » (Nikos Kazantzakis)

At Kélifos, we love breath-taking landscapes, nature and sports, but also in a country like Greece, the culture, whether it is the discovery of natural places or cultural sites and finally, the conviviality of the locals. All Kélifos trips mix physical activity, nature and culture.