Traveller Reviews

All published reviews are from Grand Angle travellers since the 15th of October 2018, the date of the launch of this website.

After returning from their trip, all our customers are invited by e-mail to answer a detailed satisfaction questionnaire to evaluate the services provided by Grand Angle and to report their impressions, their favourites or, sometimes, even their disappointment.

This feedback is essential for the Grand Angle team; it allows us to constantly improve the quality of our services and to adapt our trips to the best of our clients' desires.


Étoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile jaune Excellent
Étoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile grise Above Average
Étoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile griseÉtoile grise Average
Étoile jauneÉtoile jauneÉtoile griseÉtoile griseÉtoile grise Below average
Étoile jauneÉtoile griseÉtoile griseÉtoile griseÉtoile grise Very poor

All reviews are published from 5 reviews on the same trip or 10 per destination, within at least one month, if they comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Reviews must comply with current French legislation.
  2. Reviews must not contain discriminatory, insulting, violent or obscene comments.
  3. Reviews must be written by the person who went on the trip and must be about the services we provide.
  4. Reviews must not contain any personal data.

Grand Angle reserves the right to add an answer.

Grand Angle reserves the right not to publish a notice prior to a substantial modification made to the tour or if an action is pending before the Courts on behalf of Grand Angle or a client, relating to the evaluated trip.

All published reviews are the property of Grand Angle. Their authors therefore waive all rights.