Trusted Partners

Kélifos offers you

  • the security of a solid structure, daughter of Grand Angle which, with its 35 years of existence and the status of travel agency, offers strong guarantees to consumers
  • the know-how, the listening, the flexibility and the empathy of a team of craftsmen close to the field

Its multi-generational office and field teams offer

  • the wisdom and knowledge of the experience
  • the reactivity and the touch of a daring youth
  • competence and enthusiasm

The Kélifos spirit

An small agency with years of experience and men and women that are happy to be at your service.

Our philosophy, our strength

  • Careful listening and contact with our customers
  • Having high standards towards ourselves in order to provode opitmal quality
  • Take pleasure in our work and communicate our enthusiasm to you

The Kélifos service is ...

  • Trips tailored to your specific requests
  • Excellent knowledge of the field
  • A dedicated contact for your trip
  • Assistance service: you can reach us 24/7 on our emergency number
  • A dynamic and responsive team
  • State-certified professionals in the field

Your contacts…

  • At Kélifos, everyone is responsible for a line of trips from A to Z ... and therefore knows the issues related to a trip, from its implementation to daily reservations.
  • Those on the team who have a diploma to accompany groups do so regularly, including the director.
  • The team works in pairs: each staff memeber has a colleague who can replace him in case of absence: you always have a competent contact person.

Kélifos: trusted partners